Massimo Di Nonno

I was born in Campobasso in 1968. In 1998 I left my hometown and moved to Turin where I firstly made works of contemporary art with Annamaria Ferrero. Afterwards I started my career as photographer working as correspondent of different agencies of Milan. In 2003 I moved to Milan for joining the Tam Tam agency and soon set up with Samuele Pellecchia the photojournalism agency Prospekt. Actually I am a contributor for Getty Images agency, and as a free lance in the virtual agency buenaVista Photo. In the last years I have made reportages, exhibitions and publications about social and political life, and environmental issues connected to the territory.
Since 2012 I started to work as videomaker and produced video reportage for Rai (Italian National broadcast), Sky TG 24 and video for companies as Bocconi University, pasta factory La Molisana , Huawei.
In the 2015 I have founded, with photographer Nanni Fontana and journalists Marzio G. Mian and Nicola Scevola, The River Journal, a multimedia project reporting on current issue while exploring important rivers of the world.

Clients: RAI, SKY, L'Espresso, Io Donna, GQ, Vanity Fair, Il Venerdì, l'Internazionale, Sette Corriere della Sera, Bocconi University, La Molisana, Homefood, Lamborghini, Pirelli, COOP, ENIT.




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