Massimo Di Nonno
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Po river

The Po River is the longest and most important in Italy: it runs for 652 kilometres through 4 of the biggest country regions. On its banks live 16 million people and more than one third of the Italian industries and agrarian production concentrate there. That means that the Po River and its basin are a nerve centre for all Italian economy and one of the most populated, industrialised and commercial areas in Europe. Unfortunately, the intensive exploitation of the last 40 years, has caused a situation of crisis in the river ecosystem. Massimo Di Nonno has decided to document the present state of the Po, a symbol that has marked the economic, social and political history of Italy bringing life and death, wealth and poverty, work and despair. He has decided to take one year to cover the entire course of the river following its north bank and taking pictures to naturalistic, industrial urban and anthropological landscape he is encountering along his journey.

Published in the May issue of the New Touring (download PDF)

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